Fluke Laser Belt Alignment Tool, 83-5

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 How Fluke 835 provides fast, easy, accurate pulley alignments:

 • Tailor-made for pulley alignment jobs because it is easy to use and only requires a single operator.

 • The strong magnets on the two units mount onto virtually any pulley face, making it the ideal partner for most pulley alignment jobs.

 • It leverages the proven OPTALIGN® reflected beam principle for maximum angular resolution to generate accurate and reliable readings.

 • Its time-saving method requires no cross-checking and shows offset, vertical, and horizontal angles simultaneously.

 • With four AAA batteries, Fluke 835 provides 6 hours of continuous use.

 • Corrections are quickly made live; genuine alignment is achieved when the transmitted laser line and the corresponding reflected laser line harmonize with the respective reference line.

 Alignment of belt pulleys in four simple steps

 1. Initiate the Fluke 835 laser and mount the units on the faces to be aligned. The reflector should be mounted onto the machine to be moved (motor) while the laser transmitter is mounted on the stationary (driven) component.

 2. The position of the transmitted laser line on the reflector indicates vertical angularity and offset. Horizontal angularity is indicated by the position of the reflected laser line on the transmitter.

 3. Make adjustments while observing the laser lines on the reflector and the laser units:

 • Correct vertical angularity by shimming the moveable machine and observing the correction on the reflector.

 • Correct offset by shifting the moveable machine axially observing the reflector unit.

 • Correct horizontal angularity by shifting the moveable machine horizontally observing correction on the laser unit.

 4. Genuine alignment is achieved when the transmitted laser line and the corresponding reflected laser line harmonize with their respective reference lines.





 The Fluke 835 Laser Belt Alignment Tool provides fast, easy, and accurate pulley alignments to help keep your plant up and running

 • Quick, simple, complete pulley alignment—no training required
 • Efficient one-person operation 

 • Reflected laser technology doubles the distance, enhancing accuracy

 • A small tool in your bag to take anywhere 

 • No small parts to get lost
 • Strong magnets mount to any size pulley or sprocket


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