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   Maintain and manage power supplies and analyze problems more easily and reliably than ever before


   The critical importance of electrical power in today's society necessitates daily maintenance and management to ensure that problems don’t occur. When they do, for example due to an equipment failure or abrupt surge in demand, engineers face the need to analyze the cause quickly. The POWER QUALITY ANALYZER PQ3198 and PQ3100 provide robust support for field personnelwho need to analyze power characteristics in the form of measurement capabilities that reliably captures the full range of power anomalies and exceptional ease of use throughout the entire user experience, from connecting the instrument to recording data.

 Analyze equipment power problems 

   Capture the full range of power supply anomalies, including momentary interruptions, voltage drops, and frequency fluctuations, while recording trends to help investigate the causes of unexpected equipment malfunctions and sudden stoppages.

Record quality data for power systems 

  Record fluctuations in voltage, current, power, harmonics, and flicker when connecting a highly variable system such as a renewable energy source or EV charging station to the grid. Easily analyze the data with the included PQ ONE software.


 Typical applications are: 

In General the Power analysers are used to measure the power and to calculate the energy cost depending on the measurement. Other Customers measure the output from a transformer and the decide if they can add on more devices on the transformer or not.


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