Decoduct PVC Flexible Adaptor

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Part number : DPA2 and DPA3


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 Adapter join materials of the same type together to form a longer straight line of conduit.

 Three main types of couple fittings are available: Metallic couplings are for metallic conduit. You secure them with set screws or via compression.


 • Conduit fittings are designed to connect conduits or connect conduit to an electrical box.

 • They are highly moisture resistant and can provide the maximum amount of protection to electrical cables and wires.

 • Conduit comes in many styles and is used to run electrical wiring in exposed locations in and around your home. It may be a basement, garage, barn, laundry areas, and also exposed areas.

 • The DD PVC conduit pipe is easy to cut and join. It has a quality construction that makes it durable and corrosion-resistant.

• Conduit pipe has a smooth indoor and outdoor and easy to assemble.








 The Decoduct Adapter is ideal for a wide range of electrical installations, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

 It ensures a secure and efficient connection between conduits, providing a reliable pathway for electrical wiring.

 Easy Installation: With its user-friendly design, the Decoduct Adapter allows for quick and hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort.



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